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Vacations in Crete - Chania (Crete - Greece)

Crete - Chania: Great hospitality with stuning beaches and amazing food

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Area Crete Best for All
Perfecture Chania Cost Low
Access Ship Size 2376 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 264 Kilometers

Vacations in Crete - Chania island - Crete - Chania, Great hospitality with stuning beaches and amazing food

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Why Crete - Chania

  • To swim in countless exotic beaches
  • To walk in the beautiful Chania Old Town
  • For exceptional food in mountainous villages
  • For the raditional Greek hospitality
  • For low budget vacations

Information On Crete - Chania

Chania is the western prefecture of Crete.

The capital of Chania prefecture is the town of Chania. Chania is a picturesque town with a nice market. The old own harbor with the lighthouse really stands out, where you can see the countless shops of any kind and enjoy your stroll in the lovely alleys.

The trademark of Chania are the countless attractions and the stunning beaches. Dinstances within Crete are huge, but nonetheless you can travel by caar to other parts of the island. It is advised to stay for many days in order to seeing as much as possible, although it is impossible to succeed in seeing everything.

On the whole Crete is an island where you can find anything you seek. There are quiet areas for accommodation and secluded beaches for those who seek peaceful vacations, while there are popular beaches with with crowded tourist resorts for intense vacations.
Crete - Chania informationCrete - Chania informationCrete - Chania information

Beaches Of Crete - Chania

In Chania, like in the rest of Crete, You will find countless amazing beaches for every taste. Here are the most indicative beaches of Chania in clockwise order.
  • Elafonisi (Southwest Crete - Chania): One of the most stunning beaches of Greece with pink sand and exotic turquoise sea.
  • Palaiochora (Southwest Crete - Chania): The two beaches of Palaiochora are large and organized, offering sand and clean sea.
  • Grammeno (Southwest Crete - Chania): A large beautiful beach with sand and crystal shallow water. The beach is organized, bu there are also trees for shade.
  • Orthi Ammos (Southeast Crete - Chania): A stunning beach of rare natural beauty. It has light sand and shallow blue sea that is usually calm.
  • Fragkokastello (Southeast Crete - Chania): A lovely stretch of sand with clean shallow sea. It is partly organized while there are some trees near the castle.
  • Sfakia (Southeast Crete - Chania): One of the beaches of Sfakia is Vrysi: A small sandy beach with crystal sea, umbrellas and sunbeds.
  • Glyka Nera (Southeast Crete - Chania): An impressive beach of wild beauty with blue-green water on the foot of a steep rocky slope.
  • Sougia (South Crete - Chania): A large unorganized beach with sand and pebble, preferred for camping and nudism.
  • Falaserna (Northwest Crete - Chania): Falaserna is one of he most famous beaches in Crete with white sand and clean crystal sea.
  • Mpalos (Northwest Crete - Chania): The lagoon, which combined with the white sand and shallow turquoise sea gives off an exotic feeling.
  • Diktynna - Menies (Northwest Crete - Chania): A small beach of wild beauty, with dark turquoise water and gray thin pebble
  • Marathi (Northeast Crete - Chania): A very small beach but it attracts a lot of tourists hanks to its golden sand and clean shallow sea, ideal for little kids.
  • Kalyves (Northeast Crete - Chania): Kalyves is a seaside village with two nice sandy beaches at its sides.
  • Almyrida (Northeast Crete - Chania): Almyrida is a seaside village. Almyrida beach provides sand, shallow clean sea and tamarisk trees.
  • Georgioupoli (Northeast Crete - Chania): A large sandy beach with golden sand an deep blue sea. It is fully organized.
  • Platanias (North Crete - Chania): A vast and fully organized beach with light sand and blue shallow sea right by the Platanias village.
  • Chrysi Akti (North Crete - Chania): A large and fully organized beach, split in two by a hill.
  • Kalathas (North Crete - Chania): A beautiful beach with golden sand and tamarisk trees, but it is exposed to the northern winds.
  • Stavros (North Crete - Chania): The small Stavros has blue-green water and the light sand, as it is located in a very closed bay.
  • Seitan Limania (North Crete - Chania): This tiny but lovely hidden beach has a turquoise sea and white sand, but getting here is not easy.
Crete - Chania beachesCrete - Chania beachesCrete - Chania beaches

Travel To Crete - Chania

Chania, like the rest of Crete, is accessible by many ships of various shipping companies, with at least one route per day and low fare. Chania also have an airport.
Crete - Chania travelCrete - Chania travelCrete - Chania travel

Transportation On Crete - Chania (Car Rentals)

Chania have buses for transportation within the town and you can find their schedule here. There are also long distance buses connecting Chania with the rest of the prefectures of Crete.
Crete - Chania transportationCrete - Chania transportationCrete - Chania transportation

Accommodation On Crete - Chania (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Chania is a big prefecture with hotels and rooms to let beyond count, so think about where you will be staying in terms of distances from other places.
Crete - Chania accommodationCrete - Chania accommodationCrete - Chania accommodation

Food & Drink On Crete - Chania

In Chania you will get to taste hohlious burburistous (snails), skioufikta pasta, all sorts of pies, ntolmadakia with wine leaves, local sheep of goat, local rabbit and - if you come across it - gamopilafo (rice served in wedding tables). As far as salads, do try the famous cretan ntakos and the stamnagathi, exceptional bitter greens you can only find on Crete. Accompany your lunch with cretan graviera cheese, mizithra, tsikoudia and local wine. if possible, prefer taverns in mountainous villages and avoid places with lots of tourism.
Crete - Chania cuisineCrete - Chania cuisineCrete - Chania cuisine

What To Buy On Crete - Chania

In Chania, like the rest of Crete, you can but wine, raki, rusks, local cheese (graviera, mizithra, etc), thyme honey and kaltsounia (local treats).
Crete - Chania purchasesCrete - Chania purchasesCrete - Chania purchases

Attractions On Crete - Chania

Old Venetian Harbor

The entire area of the old Venetian harbor along with the old town is the most popular attraction of Chania.

Chania Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Chania was moved in 2021 to a new modern larger building in Chalepa area. It hosts large collections as well as various exhibitions.

Chania Byzantine Collection

A small yet interesting museum at the edge of the Venetian harbor. Its collection hosts some of the most rare items of byzantine and post-byzantine art in Greece.

Chania Folklore Museum

A remarkable museum in the Chania old town with impressive and rare exhibits.

Crete Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is housed in a two-store building located a the end of the Venetian harbor. It is a worth-while museum with impressive exhibits.

Samaria Gorge

On the south side of Crete lies the famous Samaria Gorge, the second longest in Europe, where the hiking route is about 16 kilometers long.

Kourna Lake

Close to the prefecture of Rethymno, a bit after Georgioupoli lies the beautiful Kourna lake in a landscape of unparalleled beauty.

Holy Trinity Tzagaroli Monastery

An impressive 17th century Byzantine monastery that is only 20 minutes away from Chania town.

Platanias War Museum

In the area of Platanias, just a 20 minute drive from Chania town, lies the underground war shelter that has been developed for tourism.

Chania Municipal Art Gallery

The Chania Art Gallery is housed in a three story building within the old town of Chania.

Falassarna Archaeological Site

On the way to the amazing Falassarna beach it is not a bad idea to make a stop to the Falassarna Archaeological Site.
Crete - Chania attractionsCrete - Chania attractionsCrete - Chania attractions

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