Xi ελληνική έκδοση


Beach Xi

Xi Beach - Kefalonia - Ionian

Xi Beach

Undoubtedly the best beach with easy access on Paliki. Its sand is unique due the slightly redish color, as it has a high concentration of argylos. The beach is long and organized with straw umbrellas and sea sports, while you can rent a jet ski. The waters are swallow making Xi one of the best beaches in Kefalonia for families, as the sea is also usually calm. At the beach you will find several taverns, a mini market and a beach bar. Opposite the mini market there is a shower for the public where you can wash the salt off. You will see some people cover all over by argylos enjoying the free natural Spa, a must-try experience, as argylos is good for the skin and is thus used in aesthetics and medicine. You will find countless pieces of argylos at the foot of the rocks that surround the beach, since Xi is where the largest area with argylos in Greece! The beach is named by a rock of argylos that splits the beach in two, shaping it like the Greek letter Xi (Ξ). When you approach the beach by car you will see a junction where the signs point to Xi in both possible directions, as both roads lead to two parking places very close to each other, but better go straight at the junction. It is very easy to pass from one parking space to the other, without going back to the junction, by passing through the alley behind Kefalonia Pallas Hotel.

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