Platia Ammos ελληνική έκδοση


Beach Platia Ammos

Platia Ammos Beach - Kefalonia - Ionian

Platia Ammos Beach

Except from Myrtos this is the most impressive beach, while it looks a lot like Myrtos, and for that reason it is also called New Myrtos. The only disadvantage of this beach is the difficult access, as you have to climb down (and later climb up) 400 stairs. Actually this number provided by the various tourist guides is a bit exaggerated, as it will not take you more than 10 minutes to reach the beach. The name of the beach trows you off, because it does not have any sand, but rather marvelous pebbles instead. If you are not up to going down to the stunning beach you should at least reach the parking space in order to shoot some spectacular pictures of the beach from above. The distance to the beach is not negligible and it is very easy to get lost as some junctions do not have any signs. You should follow the route to the Kipoureon Monastery (helps to carry a map) and 2-3 minutes before reaching the monastery you will see a dirt road at your right. From there Platia Ammos is close, around 400 meters, which you can walk but it is best to continue with your car as to conserve your energy for later on...

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