Navagio ελληνική έκδοση


Beach Navagio

Navagio Beach - Zante - Ionian

Navagio Beach

This is by far the most famous beach of Zante and one of the most famous in the entire world. It is also the most photographed place on Zante and the water is so blue that you will not want to stop staring. It is only accessible by boat, as it is surrounded by high and extremely steep mountains. The ship that makes the tour of Zante makes a stop here, but you can also get other boats in you only wish to come here. It is named Navagio, which means shipwreck in Greek, due to the ship that is found on the beach. This ship was used by smugglers who were transporting cigarettes, until it sank and was washed out on the beach by the sea. The beach is white, due to the large white pebbles, and the water of the sea has some amazing coloring. Everybody that comes to Zante visits this superb beach.

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