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Attraction Syros Arcaeological Museum

Syros Arcaeological Museum Attraction - Syros - Cyclades

Syros Arcaeological Museum Attraction

This is one of the oldest museums in Greece as it was founded in 1834, and it is housed in 4 rooms of the City Hall in Ermoupoli. In the first room you can see sculpture, inscriptions and tombstones. The second room hosts findings of the Protocycladic civilization of Halandriani, the most important being the significant cups with handles, the decorative compass, the Cycladic figurines and the enigmatic frying pot. The third room showcases findings from the Historical Times, like tombstones, inscriptions, sculptures and other miniature works. In the last room there is an exhibition dedicated to the archaeologist Christos Tsountas with a collection of mostly document and photographs. Telephone 22810 88487.

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