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Attraction Oinousses Nautical Museum

Oinousses Nautical Museum Attraction - Oinousses - Nothern Aegean

Oinousses Nautical Museum Attraction

The Nautical Museum of Oinousses records the naval history of the island. It was founded on 991 by the ship owner Nikolaos Laimos in replacement of the older respective museum he had established on 1965. The core of the exhibits are the works of seascape artist Aristidis Glykas from Chios, who is considered to be the most important Greek artist making ship models. Furthermore, there is a large number of wooden ship models belonging to the fleets of ship owner families of the island. There is also an astounding collection of ship models made by French prisoners of the British army during the Napoleonic wars, which is considered to be the biggest one of its kind worldwide. You can also see weapons of the 18th-19th century, ancient vases from Cyprus, unfinished ship models, nautical instruments akropora and old photographs. Telephone 22710 55182.

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