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Milos Archaeological Museum Attraction - Milos - Cyclades

Milos Archaeological Museum Attraction

The Archaeological Museum of Milos is located in Plaka and is housed in a neoclassical building designed by the famous German architect Ernst Ziller. The collection that opened to the public on 1985 consists of findings ranging from the Prehistoric Ages up to the Roman Ages. In the outer court the most noticeable item is the sundial while at the lobby there is a plaster copy of the statue of Aphroditi ofMilos, since the original is in the Louvre Museum. In the rest of the rooms you may see obsidian blades and tools, limestone house and ship modes that were found in a grave, a Mycenaean gold mask and clay figurines of which the one that stands out is the famous Lady of Phylakopi, a female figurine for worshiping purposes of the 14th century B.C. There are other important exhibits like The Milian amphora, the pithos with the chariot-racing relief, funerary reliefs and more. Telephone 22870 21620, 22870 28026.

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