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Attraction Lefkes

Lefkes Attraction - Paros - Cyclades

Lefkes Attraction

Lefkes is a scenic mountainous village of Paros with distinct architecture that is truly worth visiting. The 16th century village itself is an attraction, built amphitheatrically at an altitude of 250 meters. It looks like it has jumped out of a different era and its name is not coincidental (lefko is greek for white), with the white marble and the lime dominating. The stone paved alleys, the whitewashed terraces and the light-blue shutters make for an enjoyable stroll with the final destination the church of Agia Triada at the east, which is entirely made of parian marble like the classical ancient greek masterpieces. In the village ou will come across with several churches and old windmills, of which only two are saved. FInally it is worth walking down the byzantine road, a road made mostly of marble that connects Lefkes with Prodromos.

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