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Kastro Attraction - Astypalaia - Dodecanese

Kastro Attraction

The Castle of Querini is the first thing you see when you approach Astypalaia. It was built on 1413 on top of the ruins of the ancient Acropolis for the protection of the locals in case of siege. Inside the castle you will find two churches. First there is the church of Saint George built on 1790 and the church of Panagia Portaitissa (also called Panagia of the Castle) built during the middle of the 18th century. The latter has a wood-curved iconostasis decorated with gold, a dome with sculptures and a sculptured two-headed eagle on its floor. If you find yourself on Astypalaia on August 15th, do must come at the fair of Panagia Portaitissa where everyone is given free dinner including the island specialty, Lampriano (goat stuffed with rice and herbs).

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