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Folklore Museums Attraction - Lefkada - Ionian

Folklore Museums Attraction

Lefkada has several folklore museums, in Karya, Kavalos and Lefkada Town. At the Folklore Museum of Karya you will mainly see textiles woven with the famous karsaniki velonia, a unique technique in Greece, as the two sides of the textile are exactly the same (telephone 26450 41590). In Kavallo the folklore museum is housed inside part of an old elementary school where there is a representation of the rooms (kitchen, bedroom, etc) of the traditional house of Lefkada, also exhibiting tools, photographs from older professions, and more (telephone 26450 61210). At the Orfefs folklore museum in Lefkada one of the rooms represents the traditional Lefkada home while you can also see a collection of items of everyday need, like tools, clothes, etc (telephone 26450 25497).

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