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Attraction Chorio

Chorio Attraction - Symi - Dodecanese

Chorio Attraction

The lordly settlement of Symi has been classified as preserved, as it has managed to preserve its traditional style. The village is built amphitheatrically at the side of a hill, while at its highest point there is the castle of Symi. The neoclassical houses are two or three story high with tile roofs, gables and pebbled courtyards, and colorful as they are they make Chorio look like a painting from afar. At the right side of the harbor you can see the church of Evagelistria with its impressive bell tower, while the Clock of 1881 is another important attraction. On the harbor you can also see the Peristeri Tis Irinis (=Pigeon of Peace), work of a local sculptor, while the two sides of the harbor are connected with a picturesque cobblestone little bridge. On Kampos Square, the main square of Symi, lies the Iroo (=Memorial), the bust of the local historian Michael Volonakis and the church of Agios Prodromos of 1838.

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