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Attraction Chora of Skyros

Chora of Skyros Attraction - Skyros - Sporades

Chora of Skyros Attraction

The capital of Skyros is built amphitheatrically at the side of a hill, under the shadow of a tall cliff on which the castle stands. The narrow stone-paved alleys and the bright-white houses give Chora a cycladic feel. Take a seat in one of the coffee shops at the main square and order loukoumades (donut-like dessert). For the best sunset on the island and a terrific view to the sea walk to the Brook square at the north edge of Chora, where the brass statue of the philhellene British poet stands. Finally do not pass up the opportunity to get some ice-cream at Faltaina, found on the main road, where you will find the most unusual flavors.

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