Chora of Sikinos ελληνική έκδοση


Attraction Chora of Sikinos

Chora of Sikinos Attraction - Sikinos - Cyclades

Chora of Sikinos Attraction

The scenic Chora is made up of three separate settlements, the Chorio of the 17th century which is over (south) the road and settlements Kastro and Vouni of the 15th century which are under (north) of the main road. Most of the shops of Chora are in Kastro while it is worth talking a walk in the picturesque Chorio. Kastro has 3 entrances, Paraporti at the southwest and two others towards the east. Besides the church of Panagia Pantanassa inside Kastro it is worth visiting the three windmills which are at the highest point northwest and of course the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi a bit further down.

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