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Assos Attraction - Kefalonia - Ionian

Assos Attraction

Assos is like a miniature Fiskardo, with some people considering it to be more scenic and traditional than Fiskardo. Assos is a village of fishermen and it is much less touristic evolved than Fiskardo. There is a small beach with pebble in the settlement, while there are other similar hidden beaches around, but they are only accessible by sea. The main problem with Assos is that it does not have easy access, being away from the central road and down hill with many sudden turns. However, it is worth visiting Assos at least once. At the end of August in Assos there is an event held, called Varkarola, every year on the day of Agios Kosms Etolos, a magical night where dozens of boats with torches accompany a small ship bathed in candle light carrying people playing music and singing (cantada). During this event there is a lot of music, fireworks and celebrations.

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