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Asklipieio Attraction - Kos - Dodecanese

Asklipieio Attraction

This is the most famous monument of Kos and the most important of its kind in Greece. It was discovered on 1902, as up until then it used to be a small hill with a church on top and the Asklipieio buried underneath the hill. Asklipieio was the equivalent of the health center for ancient Greece, as this is where they would bring all the sick people for medical treatment. There are three levels, connected to each other by imposing stone stairs. On the first level there were Roman baths, guest-houses for the sick, several stoes and presumably the medical school. On the second level you can see the ruins of a temple dedicated to God Apollo, as well as those of two other smaller temples. On the third and higher level you will see the ruins of the great temple of God Asklipios of the 2nd century B.C.

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