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Attraction Agios Spyridonas

Agios Spyridonas Attraction - Corfu - Ionian

Agios Spyridonas Attraction

Agios Spyridonas is the patron saint of Corfu and its temple is one of the most important metabyzantine monuments of Corfu. It is a simple basilica of 1589 with a very tall tower-shaped steeple - identical with that of the Greek church of Agios Georgios in Venice - that is visible from far away. The interior of the church has a rich decoration with its marble temple standing out, the dome with the golden frames picturing the miracles performed by the saint and of course the relic of the saint stored in a silver casket. During the summer there is a litany at the temple, on August 11th, with the escort of the brass bands, to celebrate the salvation of Corfu from the Turks.

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