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Attraction Agios Gerasimos Monastery

Agios Gerasimos Monastery Attraction - Kefalonia - Ionian

Agios Gerasimos Monastery Attraction

This monastery is in a small valley, relatively close to Argostoli. The church of Agios Gerasimos, protector of Kefalonia, is the third largest temple in Greece while the decorative painting of its interior are still under progress, as they are not yet finished. Behind the church there is a smaller one, where the remains of the Saint are kept. Right after entering you will notice a hole on your left with a ladder leading to the underground cave where Agios Gerasimos stayed to meditate. If you climb down you will find yourselves in the first room which lead to the other through a small hole at the floor level. It is there where the icon of the Saint is kept, but you will have to crawl on the floor to get through. A few people are allowed down there at once, due to the limited supply of oxygen, something that you will feel yourselves if you come here.

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