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Attraction Museum of Marble Sculpture

Museum of Marble Sculpture Attraction - Tinos - Cyclades

Museum of Marble Sculpture Attraction

The Museum of Marble Sculpture is a large and modern museum which promotes the history of marble sculpture on Tinos. It helps educate visitors, using modern multimedia material, regarding the techniques, the equipment and all relative information involved with marble sculpture, as well as a large number of exhibits like tools, designs, etc. Thus, through award-winning educational films of the museum, with the participation of old Tinian craftsmen, children and grownups get to know in a vivid way the path of marble from the raw material to the finished work. In the open-air spaces of the Museum of Marble Sculpture, along with finished and semi-finished marble works, historical mechanical equipment is on display. The building that houses the museum has an interesting architectural style, as it has been built with the purpose of blending in with the natural environment. You will find it in Pyrgos. Entry fee is 4 euros and the museum is open daily 10:00-17:00 except from Tuesday. Telephone 22830 31290.
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